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Melissa Graham

Melissa Graham

Operations Consultant

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Melissa Graham is an operations consultant at Vista Consulting Group. Melissa works with PI law firms across the country to help them reach higher levels of success. Her role at the firm is varied and wide, and includes one-on-one consulting with law firm clients and group training through Vista seminars and conferences, where hundreds of attendees per year converge for powerful learning sessions. In addition, as a thought leader in the plaintiff PI law firm arena, she contributes to the evolution of Vista itself.

Analyzing, streamlining and optimizing law firms’ operations is Melissa’s forte. Melissa’s decades of experience allow her to quickly assess a firm’s current position and recognize implementable action steps to improve operations and client satisfaction across the board. By helping clients master their operations—to include staffing and HR, intake processes, marketing and PR, client relations, case management and KPIs and dashboard development—Melissa helps firm owners and leaders better manage their firms for smoother operations, sustained growth and a higher profit margin.

To truly understand Melissa’s passion for the legal industry, in particular, for personal injury law firms, one needs to know her past. At the age of 19, she began working at a law firm and quickly knew this was her line of work, her passion. Melissa attended the University of San Diego, where she graduated top of her class from its top rated paralegal program. From there, she identified Richard Harris Law Firm as a great place to truly launch her career. Her first roles there were as litigation paralegal and prelitigation case manager.

With several years under her belt, she continued to expand her experience by moving to a lead position at a small personal injury law practice. There, she expanded her role by assisting with the business side of the legal operation. This provided Melissa with a comprehensive perspective of all facets of running a successful law firm: Internal staffing and human resources, client service, case management and financial operations.

Always looking to grow and conquer the next professional challenge, the timing was right to return to Richard Harris Law Firm, where its founder welcomed her back. Almost immediately, she rose to become the COO, running the day-to-day operations of the firm and supervising a team of over 50. Today, the team has grown to nearly 80, and the firm is Nevada’s largest and highest rated personal injury law firm.

While participating in industry networking events, personal injury law firms across the country became aware of Melissa’s talents. Vista took note and hired her as a part-time consultant in 2015, and that role soon expanded to the full-time position of operations consultant. To this day, Melissa also serves as COO for the Richard Harris Law Firm.

Colleagues describe Melissa as having an unquenchable thirst for learning, soaking everything up like a sponge. She misses little in her interactions, swiftly sizing up people and problems. These personality traits combine with her deep law firm experience make her invaluable to the many firms she helps.

Melissa, born and raised in San Diego, has been a Las Vegas resident since 2002. She is the proud mother of two, and enjoys the outdoors, hiking, cycling and running.

Bill Berg
“… They have also worked with us in ways to improve how many new cases we sign-up – they constantly are coaching us in ways we can do things better in that regard. In our weekly meetings we go over our new case sign-ups, our demand times and various other statistics and topics. They hold us accountable to ourselves… I could go on & on – our accounting department was also restructured based much on their recommendations. And, Vista also researched and found a new CPA firm for me which actually keeps up on telling me what needs to be done instead of just keeping things as the status quo.”
- Bill Berg
Jerry Parker
"Vista has been a consultant to our firm for almost 2 years. One of the best business decisions I made was to retain Vista. They know plaintiff personal injury firms A-Z. And that's how they analyze your firm, its efficiencies (or lack thereof or worse), office design/flow, reception procedures, telephone procedures, equipment of all types, etc. If you think your office is running at the top of its game and you don't need them, you're probably wrong. I can't imagine Vista not being able to improve even the best run firms. The payback from what they do is likely to be realized within the 1st 3-6 months."
- Jerry Parker
John Michael Bailey
"From operations to accounting, from marketing to income production, the team at Vista has done it all and seen it all. They bring all of the experience and commitment to excellence to bear and work with you to achieve the results that you have dreamed of, but been unable to reach. I know it works, I am living it."
- John Michael Bailey